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Data Governance as the driving force for innovation within your organisation.

Join 100+ delegates, 30+ speakers in London on 27-28 November, 2019

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One of the reasons many Data and Analytics projects fail is due to the lack of an effective Data Governance Strategy. Be that due to a lack of effective Master Data Management strategy, Data Quality and availability issues, Cultural Challenges or even a lack of a common Glossary to help drive understanding within the organisation.

The term 'Data-Driven' is a widely used term, which is perhaps being misused in many cases. The race to implement Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning / Data Science projects sometimes fast outpaces the development and implementation of an effective Data Governance Strategy, causing them to fall down. 

It is a widespread challenge to unite an organisation around a central Data Governance strategy, so we will be discussing the ways in which you can build and implement an effective Data Governance strategy in your organisation, generate that internal support, strategies for improving data quality, availability and access, and ultimately the ways in which your Data Governance strategy can help fuel your companies innovation and growth.

Data Governance Europe arrives in London on 27-28 November 2019 to unite senior influencers and Governance innovators from across Europe for two days of dynamic strategy consideration and myth-busting debate.
Featuring over 40 expert speakers from across multiple industries such as TNT, Bank of England, FedEx, Hugo Boss, The Heinekken Company and many more, Data Governance Europe will present a multifaceted agenda and an audience of over 100 leaders working within a range of departments generating a cross-company collaboration.

Key Themes Include:
  • Data Governance: A Look Ahead from the Front Lines
  • MDM
  • Culture’s Relevance to Data Governance
  • Impact and Sustainability of Data Governance
  • Data Literacy and Data Quality
  • Why Data Governance is Vital for AI and ML
  • Security & Privacy
  • Data Ethics
Be sure to join us in London on November 27-28, 2019!

2019 Agenda Highlights

Data Governance Europe 2019
  • The Importance of Managing Data, Information, and Knowledge as a Strategic Business Asset and What You Can Do About It
  • Shifting the lens of Data Governance from regulatory compliance to analytics
  • Separating Fact from Fiction: The differences between MDM and true Data Governance
  • The Culture Centric Approach to Data Governance and Why it Matters
  • Getting the building blocks right – Balancing Data Governance and Innovation
  • Shifting from Data-first to AI-ready - Lessons learned delivering Machine Learning at Scale
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Data Governance Europe: A 360

Join us at Data Governance Europe to discover the ways in which a robust and effective Data Governance strategy can drive innovation and growth in your organisation. 

Master Data Management


Topics Discussed:

  • Separating Fact from Fiction: The differences between MDM and true Data Governance
  • Disentangling Data Management vs. Data Governance.
  • Understanding the combination of Data Management practices and Data Governance tools to effectively make the best use of technology, people, policy, and processes towards achieving business outcomes.

Company Culture


Topics Discussed:

  • The Culture Centric Approach to Data
  • How to design and execute a new data governance program specific to your company’s culture.
  • How to take a culture centric approach in each phase of discovery, operationalising and sustaining Data Governance. 
  • Best practices of specific culture strengths and pitfalls to avoid for a successful Data Governance program 

Building a Data Governance Framework

Topics Discussed:

  • Getting the building blocks right – Balancing Data Governance and Innovation
  • Going up a gear - How to Increase the true Data Governance Impact on your organisation
  • Data Literacy - The basis of a Data driven organisation

Security, Privacy and Ethics


Topics Discussed:

  • Understanding as new regulations and requirements emerge, how to ensure processes and workflows are flexible and can adapt to changing privacy regimes.
  • Explore the shifting privacy landscape and how to demonstrate seamless integration of data intelligence insights and extensible workflows as a foundation for a flexible operationalisation model.
  • How Data Governance Holds the Key to GDPR Compliance
  • Data Ethics - Looking Beyond Compliance

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

Topics Discussed:

  • Governance’s dirty little secret - High quality data – Better quality data beats method every time
  • Shifting from Data first to AI ready
  • Road to Responsible AI – Lessons learned delivering Machine Learning at Scale
  • Setting Realistic Standards of AI Capabilities to Stakeholders

Driving Innovation


Topics Discussed:

  • Getting the building blocks right – Balancing Data Governance and Innovation
  • Creating convergence of all Data Governance practises for overall sustainability, innovation and cohesion.
Download the Agenda

35+ Speakers

100+ Attendees

68% C-Level

Why invest your time?


C-Suite Strategic Agenda

You will discuss strategies for enabling your business for insights-driven decision making and how to deliver a robust Data Governance strategy. You will hear about how leaders within the space are solving challenges around implementation, company culture, data literacy and more.


Interactive Format, Outstanding Networking

Engage in Corinium’s signature highly productive learning environment, complete with compelling keynotes, interactive Discussion Groups, outstanding Keynotes and plenty of networking time.


C-Suite Connections

With 73% C-Level and VP Level attendees, our delegates are composed of industry's most well established and influential data and analytic's leader's, allowing attendees to meet with their peers and extract value from those that face the same challenges in different context's.

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Previous Attendees Shared:

  • “What makes the CAO conference worthwhile is that​ it is packed with good content delivered by industry leaders discussing real problems and offering valuable lessons learned.”

    Vishwa Kolla, AVP, Head of Advanced Analytics, John Hancock

  • “Great conference, well organized and with a ​great roster of presenters.”

    Simon Gao, CVP Chief Analytics Officer, New York Life Direct

  • “This was an efficient meeting to get a perspective on what others in similar senior leadership roles at peer companies are doing in the field of data and analytics. It was good to identify common challenges as well as possible solutions and also potential innovations.”

    Jim Young, Senior Vice President, Travelers

Join us for Data Governance, Europe 2019!

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